Monday, 20 April 2015


Last night under a clear sky the temperature dropped quite a bit, so this morning we woke to a heavy mist hanging over the canal, and frost on the ground. We set off just before 10 am, the sun was doing its best to break through. We made good progress to Glascote, on the edge of Tamworth. On the approach to Glascote top lock we moored up to fill with water. It was sad to see what was a busy bustling boatyard now laying quite and nearly empty.

                            Passing the entrance to Glascote Basin where Achernar was built.

                                   Nb Clara - probably the last Hudson Boat to be completed.

Glascote locks are renowned for filling slowly, so it was about 25 mins before we were through the pair. Once past the entrance to Glascote Basin we were travelling on new water, for us and the boat. A mile beyond the locks we entered Fazeley Junction. This is where the Coventry Canal joins with the Birmingham and Fazeley Canal. Left is towards Birmingham, and right, the way we were going is towards the Trent and Mersey Canal at Fradley.

                                               Straight on for us towards Fradley.

                                             The route into Birmingham City Centre.

We were planning to moor up just beyond the junction but it was quite full, and then suitable mooring spots for our fairly deep drafted boat were few and far between. In the end, we reached the village of Hopwas and decided to stop here for the day. Our decision was based partly on the fact that it is nice place, but also because we know this is the location of the Tame Otter P.H. and they do good food. So all moored up now and evening meal booked.


We are on 48 hour visitor moorings here, but are only stopping one night before we head off to Huddlesford Junction some 4 miles away. 

Totals 10 Miles 2 Locks


  1. very very sad its was our dream to get one of steves boats ,do you think this is the end now .

  2. Yes it was sad. We passed the basin a couple of days ago and a couple of the original staff are just putting the finishing touches to the final boat. All the other staff have moved on to other jobs and the business is finished so it would appear to be the end of an era.

  3. yeah very much so ,won't be the same at crick this either hey ,are you going .

  4. No not this year, heading up north.

  5. ok thanks for that have a good trip