Friday, 9 January 2015

Ice, Fire and a New Year

In the run up to Christmas we had some glorious weather here in Yelvertoft. However at this time of year clear blue sky during the day means a cold hard frost at night. The lowest temp reach was - 7. The next morning we woke to find that the marina and canal were well and truly frozen. Still perfect conditions for walking in the winter sun ending in a pub or two for lunch. We returned to Kent/Essex to visit family for Christmas Day and Boxing Day, returning to the boat on the 27th.




The black hairy beast was happy charging about in the ice and frost, but I don't think the resident swans were that impressed.
So that was the ice, clear skies mean good sunsets, so here are the fiery skies.




The above were taken at five minute intervals. You can see in the last photo that the ice has been broken. This was done earlier in the day when a boat decided to try and exit the marina. They succeeded but it took nearly an hour. 
So with the long dark nights there is nothing better than cranking up the stove and settling down with a good book or rather kindle to read. The problem is we both need reading glasses now and we need a place to keep them.

So that's it for now. Wishing all our readers a belated Happy New Year, and to our friends in the Southern Hemisphere, enjoy it whilst it lasts because the sun is heading back towards us now.