Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Caldecote Hill, Bridge 27 Coventry Canal

This morning started with clear skies and bright sunshine. We set off after breakfast and passed through the stop lock. Negotiating the junction there were far less onlookers than when we did It last time. We turned right onto the Coventry Canal and passed the engine house I photographed last night. 


We then settled into our journey heading north towards Nuneaton. We planned to travel about 8 miles today, which will position us nicely for the Atherstone flight of 11 locks tomorrow. We passed Marston Junction and the Ashby Canal on the right, and then entered a short section of rural canal between the built up areas of Bedworth and Nuneaton. It took nearly an hour to travel from one side of the town to the other, then we were back into open countryside. It was during this next section I saw an old telephone pole. I had never seen so many terminals on one pole, especially in the middle of nowhere.


Rounding a few bends we reached our planned mooring spot, just prior to Springwood Haven Marina. This is a small Marina but it has a shop and chandlers on site and is set in landscaped surroundings. This would be an ideal Marina for us but would add another 30 mins travel time to our journey to visit friends and family. It also looked full so there is probably a waiting list.




After mooring the boat we walked a mile along the canal to have a look at our surroundings. It was hot work as the day had warmed up. On the way back the temptation of the ice cream signs outside the shop were too much to resist.



After our refreshments we returned to the boat passing a milestone showing we were 13 miles from Coventry, and 14 miles to Fazeley Junction, where the Coventry Canal branches with the Birmingham and Fazeley Canal. This is just past our boats home port of Glascote Basin. When we reach here we will be travelling on new water for us.


Totals 9 Miles 1 Lock


  1. Passing the Asby canal on the left? Not the last time we went that way! Looks like Oscar enjoyed the ice cream.

  2. Ah, but not if you are reversing just for the challenge. But thanks for the proof read now I will have to work out how to edit it.