Friday, 10 April 2015

All Oak Wood/Day 2

This morning what had been a crowded spot last night had thinned out somewhat. We had to moor using pins yesterday, which can work loose as other boats pass. We now had the option of moving to where the piling was and using chains, but on checking the stakes were still secure in the ground so we are staying put. Our stroll today took us further along the Oxford Canal, we wanted to check out the boatyard services ahead. The boatyard is run by Rose Narrowboats who hire boats out as well as providing services, chandlery and repairs to passing boats. It is just as well we checked, we were going to depart on Monday, but this is a busy changeover day for the hire fleet and so they don't provide the services we would need. On Tuesday however it no problem, so that is when we will go. The walk took us through a fairly dank cutting, although the sun is starting to reach the towpath it is yet to dry out fully.


It was in a particularly muddy stretch Oscar decided to charge up and down like a loony, covering both me and the first mate in slimy mud. He was not very popular for a while after that. The walk to Rose Narrowboats was about one and a half miles and roughly halfway we came across a disused canal arm that at one time would have served the village of Brinklow about a mile away.


Rummaging through the woods it was possible to see the remains of the old arm and a rather dilapidated bridge through the foliage.


Something else we saw today I thought was decidedly unsportsmanlike. Travelling along the canal dangling probes into the water to electrically stun the fish. Apparently it is a way of capturing fish to either count them or move them elsewhere.


    Today we decided to abstain from our regular lunchtime activity so no pub reviews in this post.


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