Monday, 13 April 2015

All Oak Wood/Day 4

This is our final day here. We would have moved today but we need to use the services at Rose Narrowboats tomorrow before we head off to Hawkesbury Junction. Over the last couple of days we have conducted a few walks around the local area, we also had a Sunday roast at the Bulls Head in Brinklow.
Yesterday, the wind nearly blew the satellite dish off the roof, so this has now been secured temporarily with string. During the day the mooring here has slowly filled, with most boats having at least one dog. Oscar has enjoyed himself with some new friends to play with.
The weather today also began to improve, which is a good omen for the next week or so, and the sunset this evening was worth a photograph.

                                   View from the canal across the fields towards Brinklow.


  1. Well it was that, or require the first mate to sit on the roof holding it all evening. Hope you had a good weeks cruise.