Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Fradley Junction

 The conditions this morning when we set off were a little blustery to say the least. We were soon passing The Plough P.H. where we dined last night. We passed nb Ecky Thump on the visitor moorings, another boat from the Hudson stable. 
 As we approached Kings Orchard Marina the wind was gusting quite strongly, I suspected our entry into the marina for services might prove tricky. As it happened getting in was wind assisted, it was getting out again that proved challenging. So we had a pump out and filled with diesel and water. The diesel price here was 65p per litre for domestic use, which we thought quite good. We also met the new owners of nb Clara which had now departed Glascote Basin for her new home here at Kings Orchard.
 After leaving the marina it was only 2.5 miles to Fradley Junction. This is where the Coventry Canal (detached section) meets the Trent and Mersey Canal. As we approached the junction there were a couple of mooring spaces available and so we moored just in front of nb Wigrams Turn. After lunch we went for a walk to explore the area.

                                        Looking towards the Trent and Mersey Canal.

The pub in the background is The Swan, also known as 'The Mucky Duck'. It seems to be the perfect spot for some boat watching. Beyond the junction there were not many available mooring spots so stopping where we did proved to be a good shout.

             A historic Fellows Morton and Clayton working boat.( Note the action shot, duck in flight)

We walked down the flight of locks and noticed an unusual design of balance beam. Due to the locks being so close to the bridge, full length beams would be too long, so these are short stubby ones.


I suspect they will be more awkward to open, but I am sure the crew will manage. Returning up the flight we stopped for tea and cake in a cafe, before returning to the boat and a proper catch up chat with nb Wigrams Turn.

                                          Some information on Fradley Junction.

We will stay here for another day and then set off, turning left on the Trent and Mersey heading north generally towards Stafford.

Totals 5 Miles


  1. Nice photo of the junction. If you want gas it's usually really cheap at the caravan park just left of the pub as you are facing it. By the way, if heading to Tixhall for the weekend be sure to get there early as lots of people come out of Great Heywood marina onto the wide for the weekend. Have fun.

  2. Thanks for the tip. Hope to be at Tixall before lunch on Friday.