Sunday, 14 August 2016

Lyme Green

Yesterday was a longish day for us due to circumstances beyond our control. We woke to bright sunshine, but with the twelve locks of the Bosley flight to do, this was not necessarily a good thing, as it could get very warm. Slipping a way from the mooring, we moved towards the first lock which was set for us with gates open. It transpired that a hire boat crew had been practising their lock operation, prior to commencing their first lock experience, but had to walk back some distance to where their boat was still moored and we were to benefit from it. Feeling a little guilty, and as no boats were opposing, we did turn each lock for them as we exited. The reason for no opposing boats was to become apparent all to soon. Speeding our way up the flight, it all came to an abrupt halt at lock five. Ahead in lock four there was another boat, nb.What a Lark. They had been there for two hours. Further up the flight, lock three had problems with a broken paddle, and the Canal and River Trust were busy trying to repair it. We were going no further for some time.

                                                       Halfway up but no further for a while.

Then came some worse news, it was not just the paddle that was the problem, it was the frame which holds it in place that had broken away. CRT staff were in their waders attempting a fix with some long nails, and a small hammer.

                                                 Fixing the paddle frame back in place.

                                                         All fixed, let's hope it holds.

Now we just had to wait for the pound above lock three to be refilled, and for the first boat, which happened to be the coal boat Halsall, to descend. 


Three and a half hours after first arriving at lock five we were finally underway again. It could have been worse, so credit to CRT for sorting it quickly. Once at the top of the flight we filled the tank with water, before continuing towards Gurnett. 

                                                        Approaching Gurnett.

The water tap here is the fastest we have encountered, usually when they are turned on it trickles into the tank. Not so this one. Due to our delay we arrived at our intended spot quite late in the day and found the entire mooring full, nb.What a Lark had just fitted onto the end of the line. We carried on into Macclesfield but there were not any suitable spots, so we winded about a mile further on and returned, passing Gurnett on a return journey to a mooring near Lyme Green. This is about a mile from today's lunch location, but will at least allow us to walk off the pudding we are going to have. 

                                                          Mooring at Lyme Green.

The mooring is close to a retail park so yesterday's tea was taken at Burger King. It also has a good satellite signal for the TV and 4G.

Totals 7 Miles 12 Locks 

Running total 277 Miles 178 Locks 13 Tunnels

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