Friday, 12 August 2016

Bosley Locks

What a difference a day makes. Woke this morning to warm bright sunshine, and we were finally able to see the ruins of Mow Cop Castle, on the top of the hill adjacent to our mooring.

                                                                 Mow Cop Castle.

Last night we had been researching locations for a Sunday roast, and have decided on the Kings Head P.H. at Gurnett. This is however two days travelling for us, so after breakfast we got underway for the first leg, seven miles through the countryside, to the foot of Bosley Locks. The Macclesfield Canal is a very pretty canal, with stone bridges and a rural backwater feel to it. The milestones also have the appearance of tombstones, peeking out from the undergrowth. We passed an interesting spill weir, this is where the water level of the canal is maintained allowing water to flow over the top once I reaches a certain height. 


They don't usually form part of the towpath like the one above. Walkers are in danger of getting wet feet when boats pass by. Next were some very handsome looking black cows having a paddle and a drink.


The terrain is becoming increasingly hilly, as we travel further north. We passed through the town of Congleton and then Buglawton village, on occasions experiencing the shallowness of the Macclesfield, in particular whilst passing through the bridge holes. During our journey we tried out a few mooring spots for future reference, some were successful, and some we ran aground. Soon we caught a glimpse of 'The Cloud' a fell at over 1000 feet above sea level.

About three hours after setting off, we arrived at the foot of Bosley Locks. There are twelve in all, raising the canal by 118 feet. Today we walked up them, just to see what tomorrow would entail. Oscar seemed to enjoy his walk, finding a favourite stick to chew on, in between slurps of canal water.

                                                  Viewing back down the flight.

                                                          Mooring below Bosley Locks.

Tomorrow we will aim for Gurnett Aquaduct and once there settle for a couple of days. Early next week the weather is forecast to be hot and the brass needs a polish. 

Total 7 Miles

Running total 270 Miles 166 Locks 13 Tunnels

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  1. We climbed The Cloud, there is a great view. Bosley locks are beautiful, We loved them. I have just seen in my diary though that the paddles seem to have a mind of their own, one soaking me with a jet of water and one blowing my skirt up! So watch out. We went to Sutton Hall whilst mooring at Gurnett which is quite a posh place across the canal at Sutton End, So posh, I wore a frock for the only time that year.