Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Fradley Junction

With the ships company back on board after their shore leave, today we set off for Fradley Junction. This where the detached section of the Coventry Canal meets with the Trent and Mersey Canal. After untying the ropes, taking care not to disturb the wasp nest buried in the towpath, we moved off passing Huddlesford Junction and the Plough Inn. The weather was partly sunny, but the wind was blustery, and as we passed Kings Orchard Marina I was glad we did not need to enter there for services. Last year when we visited, the wind held us against the service pontoon, and some high engine revs were needed to get us off it. Next it was the marina and boatyard at Streethay Wharf. Here the canal runs parallel to the very busy and noisy A38. We arrived at Fradley Junction around lunchtime and moored. This turned out to be just in time, as during the next 30 minutes the visitor moorings filled up. This time the sky satellite proved elusive, the trees must have grown since last year. After lunch we walked the four legged crew member, and disposed of some rubbish that had been accumulating in the gas locker. On the way back, stopping at the cafe in the CRT yard for cake. Tomorrow we plan to aim for the Pig Farm mooring just beyond Rugeley, once we have replenished supplies at the Tescos there.

Totals 5 Miles

Running total 227 Miles 142 Locks 12 Tunnels

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  1. Hi both, the pig farm mooring is one of our favourite moorings. Last time we were there we got diesel from the boat, paid in cash and got our change in eggs. Nice to see your update.