Tuesday, 9 August 2016


Leaving Aston Marina this morning we edged our nose out onto the cut, just as Tamora No.2 passed by, pipping us to the lock. We had not seen them since the Glascote weekend, and now they were ahead of us also heading as far as Barlaston. We travelled on along the Trent Valley, running parallel to the river until arriving at Stone. We had four locks of the Stone flight, and a further four at the Meaford flight to complete before the final leg into Barlaston. We found a mooring just outside the village close to the Wedgwood factory, famous for its bone china. Later we walked back into Barlaston and had a drink at the Plume of Feathers P.H. Unfortunately its owner, Neil Morrissey of Men Behaving Badly fame, was not present today. Our mooring is adjacent to a field, which on arrival contained about 100 Canada geese.


You can just see the geese in the background. On our return from the pub it was apparent that several more of their mates had decided to turn up.


I just hope this lot don't start squawking during the dawn chorus in the early hours of tomorrow morning. If so I suspect we will be underway by 5am.

Totals 5 Miles 9 Locks

Running total 251 Miles 159 Locks 12 Tunnels

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  1. Hi both,
    Just read your post. Believe it or not we're moored a 100 yards ahead of you by bridge 104!

    We're up by 8:30 so if you are still about we'll try to catch you before you leave.