Thursday, 14 July 2016

Polesworth, Bridge 50 Coventry Canal.

At 09.30 hrs we eased away from our mooring, for the short three minute journey to Springwood Haven Marina to use their services. For the past few days, whenever we have walked past the service pontoon it has been empty. Not today. As we rounded the bend we saw three boats already there, and another coming the other way, which we just beat into fourth position. Add to that the pump out machine was playing up, so we had a bit of a delay. Anyway, by 1130 hrs we were on our way towards Atherstone, and its flight of eleven locks. The top lock as is usual was manned by a lockeeper, but as we passed through we could see two further boats ahead descending the flight, with nothing coming the other way. All the locks would be set against us. We had planned to stop after five locks in one of the long pounds for lunch, but in the end decided to push on. Once down the flight it was only twenty minutes or so to our intended spot. It ticks all the boxes, rural, satellite and phone signal, wide grassy towpath, good views and today, sunny. This will be a good spot to wash and polish the boat and brass before it returns to its home port at Glascote Basin on Tuesday next week.

Totals 7 Miles 11 Locks

Running total 210 Miles 140 Locks 12 Tunnels


  1. Hi, love your photo. Everything you want to see, beautiful sky, overhanging trees, gorgeous narrowboat and a lovely wide towpath. Enjoy your brass cleaning and your Hudson gathering.

    1. It is a nice spot. Quite close to the mainline railway but it is shielded by a hill so not affected by the noise. Brass all done now but we are not sure if we prefer the bronze look.