Thursday, 7 July 2016

All Oak Wood

Yesterday was a long day for us. In fact, had we been running we would have completed a half marathon. We departed our mooring near Braunston, not having had a very good nights sleep. It seems that something on our boat had attracted the attention of a large crow, who after partaking in the dawn chorus, decided to peck at the windows and the roof. The problem at this time of year, is the dawn chorus begins at around 4 am. Anyway, we set off initially for Hillmorton and the three locks located near to the old Rugby radio station. On route we passed our neighbours on nb Hereward, heading back towards Yelvertoft from their trip along the Ashby Canal. The locks at Hillmorton are in pairs, which usually means passage through them is quick, but not today. There is currently a stoppage on one of the middle locks meaning we had a slight delay.


We did consider stopping for the day at this point, but instead pushed on for All Oak Wood a further six miles away. We passed through Rugby, and then the fairly short Newbold tunnel before rejoining the countryside. It was nearly 3pm when we arrived, and fortunately there were a couple of spaces still available in which to moor. Today, our rest day we walked both ways along the towpath from the mooring to explore our surrounds. Last year the bridge just along from the mooring underwent some major repairs. It appears that when finished consideration was given to supporting wildlife with the installation of bat boxes.


Not too sure if it's occupied, though I may take a walk back at dusk to see if there is any activity. Tomorrow we will depart here heading for Hawkesbury Junction and the Coventry Canal.

Totals 13 Miles 3 Locks 1 Tunnel

Running total 187 Miles 128 Locks 12 Tunnels

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