Saturday, 9 July 2016

Hawkesbury Junction

Yesterday we departed All Oak Wood, along with numerous other boats who all appeared to be heading the same way, including the boat moored directly behind us, which turned out to be nb.Neston. This is a fellow Hudson boat, who are also heading for the boat owners gathering in Glascote Basin at the end of the month. Once through the swinging footbridge bottleneck at Rose Narrowboats, we settled into cruising mode as part of a convoy of six boats heading north. Each boat spaced out at a distance of 200 to 300 yards. Passing through the village of Ansty, the convoy thinned out as some boats moored up, and others stopped at the water point. We pushed on breathing a sigh of relief as the moorings at Hawkesbury Junction can get quite full. So it was, as we rounded the final bend towards the junction we just managed to slip onto the final section of mooring, even here we have had to use pins rather than chains or rings. After securing the boat it was off to the Greyhound P.H. for lunch, and to book our Sunday roast as well.
Just ahead of our mooring is where the Oxford Canal joins with the Coventry Canal. We have turned right here several times, but never left towards Coventry City Centre a mere five miles away. So today this is the way we walked. After a mile and a half we found some shops and topped up on groceries before returning to the boat. We will save going all the way into Coventry for another day.

Totals 8 Miles

Running total 195 Miles 128 Locks 12 Tunnels

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