Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Glascote Basin

No blog was completed yesterday due to the extreme heat, which made doing anything other than drinking cold beer, unbearable. We had departed our mooring a mile outside Polesworth soon after breakfast. Nb. Neston had already moved off by the time we were up. We passed them again a mile further along the cut. As we were approaching Tamworth it was getting close to midday, and the heat was rising by the hour. Soon we were on the approach to Glascote Locks. The entrance to the basin is a sharp right turn beneath a bridge. We gave one long blast on the klaxon to announce our arrival and slipped into the dock. As we manoeuvred onto our mooring, we took extra special care not to bump the boat ahead of us. This was nb. Barolo No.3 fresh from the paint shop, resplendent in her new colours. The basin has been taken over by Norton Canes Boatbuilders and is managed by Sarah who has kindly allowed this forthcoming gathering of Hudson boats to take place.


Today, slightly cooler conditions allowed for the required washing and polishing. A check of the fenders followed, as drooping fenders is considered a crime at these events. Several more Hudsons arrived during the day including nb. Lydia May which is painted in the colours of Cadbury Bournville and is now breasted alongside us. The basin is starting to fill up with only another ten more boats to somehow shoehorn in.


We will be here now whether we like it or not until Monday, as once the basin is full nothing is moving again until the end of the event. Whilst here I will perform a few engine maintenance tasks, well at least until the cold beer makes another appearance.

Totals 5 Miles

Running total 215 Miles 140 Locks 12 Tunnels


  1. Hope you enjoy the gathering. Never mind droopy fenders, shine the brass!

    1. Thank you and will do. The brass is gleaming at the moment and At Last have just joined us in the basin so a good weekend ahead. Enjoy your trip to Betty's.