Monday, 11 April 2016

Nether Heyford

We pulled away from our mooring at 0930 hrs and headed towards the lock. As we moved off another boat rounded the corner, we now had a locking partner. Unfortunately for the crew, this boat was single handed so not much help with the lock gate operation. Having descended one lock the previous day, there were six more to go in the Buckby flight. I have been reliably informed by the crew, that these locks are heavy work. We met a few boats coming up, and just as we arrived at the bottom lock the volunteer lock keepers turned up, so we missed out there. We pushed on, whilst our locking partner stopped at Whilton Marina to visit the chandlers. For the next mile we were sandwiched between the M1 and the West Coast Mainline, until just before the village of Weedon Bec, the motorway veered off away from the canal. We stopped by bridge 24 to allow the crew to visit the shops for supplies. There is a Tesco Express and, all important hole in the wall machine here. Now we continued on a bit further, stopping briefly for water near Stowehill Wharf, before arriving at our mooring spot just prior to bridge 28. We are now an equal distance between the villages of Weedon and Nether Heyford, but more importantly, far enough away from the motorway and railway. We will stay here a couple of days as it seems a nice rural spot but close to amenities.


                                   Mooring by bridge 28 between Weedon and Nether Heyford.

Totals 5 Miles 6 Locks 

Running total 32 Miles 32 Lock 3 Tunnels

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