Wednesday, 6 April 2016


Our visit to Calcutt Boats is over and once again we are back on the cut. First thing Monday morning we moved our boat into the covered dock, and transferred a few things onto the hire boat that would be our home for the duration of the works. The accommodation was basic and not at all comfortable, the next few days would be an endurance. Later in the day the engineer notified us that he had made good progress, and that he would be finished the next day. This was music to our ears. Not only would the eye watering quote for the works not be so eye watering, but our stay on board 'Wild Hemlock 1' would be very much reduced. The following day, Tuesday, with a few hours to kill we took a walk around the reservoirs and headed off towards the Bridge Inn at Napton for lunch. The pub was closed due to a funeral so we continued on along the towpath to one of our favourite pubs, 'The Folly' at the base of Napton locks. After lunch we wandered back to Calcutt Marina. It was quite warm by now so the three of us needed an ice lolly to cool down whilst we waited for the engineer.

                                                         Oscar enjoying a twister.

The boat was ready. By now it was late afternoon, so rather than set off we arranged a berth for the night. This would allow for a lengthy test of our relocated diesel heater before we travelled too far. It performed well. During the relocation the engineer has secured it to the boat using a combination of wooden boards and rubber feet. Previously, it had been secured directly to the steel of the boat. It now operates much quieter than before. This morning after breakfast we set off, departing the marina and headed up the flight of locks. The weather was fairly blustery, and there was a fair chance we would catch a shower before we reached our destination. Just as we were arriving at our mooring spot, the hail storm started. The wind picked up driving the hail sideways, and mixed in with the hail just for good measure was some icy rain. No sooner had we finished securing the boat the blue sky and sunshine made an appearance. We plan on staying here till Friday or Saturday depending on the weather.

                   Hurricane diesel heater. Positioned at a 45 degree angle to allow service access.

                                          The inner workings which are now accessible.

Totals 4 Miles 3 Locks 

Running total 21 Miles 19 Locks 2 Tunnels


  1. Glad to hear that all is well and you are back on your lovely boat.