Friday, 1 April 2016


This morning the alarm had been set for a very early 8 am. The sky was cloudy, and the forecast warm weather had yet to arrive. After breakfast, we moved off towards the junction and turned right onto the main Grand Union Canal. We passed a few moored boats whose occupants were still stirring as we headed towards the 2042 yard Braunston Tunnel. On the approach we could see a boat ahead of us entering the tunnel, and hoped these would be our partners down the six wide locks in Braunston. We negotiated the famous, or infamous kink in the tunnel without incident, and continued on without meeting any oncoming traffic. On arrival at the locks we teamed up with the crew of nb Lilly May for the descent of the lock flight. The owners had only bought the boat a couple days ago, and were on their way to the chandlers of some supplies. I was able to give them some good news that today, was freaky friday at the swindlers, and therefore everything was on 20% discount. We carried on to the junction and turned left onto the Oxford Canal. The wind by now was starting to pick up, but our intended mooring spot near bridge 100 was just over a mile away. Now, for the first time since November the boat is moored to the starboard side. If the warm weather forecast for tomorrow is correct, I will give it a wash. The plan is to stay put till Sunday, then we will travel the final leg to Calcutt Boats for our Monday appointment.

                                                 Bridge 100 on the south Oxford Canal.

Totals 6 Miles 6 Locks 1 Tunnel

Running total 13 Miles 13 Locks 2 Tunnels

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