Friday, 8 April 2016

Long Buckby

After spending a day in the wilds near bridge 100 on the South Oxford canal, it was time to move on. Now we have a functioning diesel heater we have allowed the squirrel solid fuel stove go out for the first time since November. At some stage I have the dirty job of cleaning the flue, but not today. Half an hour after setting off we turn right at the junction in Braunston, and headed slowly towards the locks. Initially we planned to go up one lock, then the crew was going to visit the village shops for supplies. However whilst waiting at the lock, we were joined by nb. Bluebird from Cropredy, and the prospect of help up the flight was too much for the crew to ignore. ( No visit to the butchers, means no steak or mince for me). Through Braunston tunnel we encountered four oncoming boats, but none in the area of the kink so our passage was uneventful. At Norton Junction instead of turning left for home, we continued on towards the Buckby flight of locks. This is new water for the boat, and the crew. We stopped above the top lock for water, then descended one lock and took up a mooring close to some splendid willow trees. We are also located slap bang between the A5 on one side, and the M1 and West Coast Mainline on the other. Fortunately they are just far enough away as not to be a problem. Friday, being the day for fish and chips, may mean a visit to the New Inn later for tea. While there we may as well book in for Sunday lunch also.

                                             Our mooring at Long Buckby.

We are time limited at this mooring to 48 hours, so first thing Monday we will be off. It's just as well as fifty yards ahead of the boat is a canalware shop with lots of expensive goodies for sale.

Totals 6 Miles 7 Locks 1 Tunnel

Running total 27 Miles 26 Locks 3 Tunnels

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