Thursday, 27 August 2015


We only had a relatively short journey planned today so we stopped at the water point at the base of Hillmorton Locks, even though we knew from experience it was a slow filling tap. This gave us time to have breakfast and get rid of rubbish, whilst we waited. At 9.30 we set off up the locks, several boats had already passed us and gone through, so none were set in our favour. The pounds between the locks are renowned for being low, and we usually scrap the bottom in places but not today. There was even water flowing over the top of the bottom lock gates. Once at the top of the flight we passed the site of the former Rugby Radio Station. This used to be a familiar sight especially to travellers on the M1 and M6, with fields full of radio masts. These have now virtually all gone, and the site is going to be used for housing. In a couple of years the area around Hillmorton Locks will be completely different. We then entered the Barby Straight, a section of canal arrow straight for about a mile and a half. We passed the villages of Barby and Willoughby, then arrived at our mooring spot just a mile from the village of Braunston.




                                                         Just a few pictures of our mooring spot.

This is a nice rural spot and normally we would stay here maybe a day or two. However as this coming weekend is a bank holiday we want to be settled nearer to Napton and Calcutt Boats before the weekend boaters pour out of the nearby marinas. The other benefit of being near Napton is we will be close to a delightful pub we know, The Folly Inn. After securing the boat we walked into Braunston for lunch at The Boat House, followed by a visit to the swindlers, also known as Midland Chandlers. We went in just to have a look, and I was hoping not to spend anything. I failed.

Totals 6 Miles 3 Locks

Running total 526 Miles 249 Locks 19 Tunnels

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