Wednesday, 12 August 2015


Yesterday afternoon back at the boat, we heard someone knocking on our roof. It was the crew of nb Sarah Kay, another Hudson boat that was actually at the Crick Boat Show, along side us in 2014. As both boats are a similar age it was great to be able to discuss service and maintenance tips. It was also a good excuse to visit the Shroppie Fly P.H. for an evening drink.
This morning we were up with the lark and underway by 8 am. Nb Sarah Kay had got away even earlier. There was a fairly heavy mist hanging over the canal. 



Today we were planning a short 1 mile journey to the pound between locks 3 and 2. We found ourselves following another boat closely up the flight, meaning all the locks should have been set against us. The lady on the boat ahead however very helpful, lifting a paddle on the bottom gate as they exited their lock meaning it emptied for us by the time we got to it. We arrived at our destination  two hours after setting off, just as another boat was departing. We had timed it to perfection, by lunchtime the pound was full of moored boats. 
After lunch we walked up to the top lock, and the canal side cake stall that we knew was there. I chose raspberry and almond slices, whilst the crew opted for melt in the mouth shortbread biscuits.
Two boats ahead of us was nb Spirit of the Wind. We have played leap frog with the crew over several months. Today we had tastings of boat brewed elderflower wine and sloe gin in the afternoon sun.
The day has remained fine with a clear sky, which will hopefully help in viewing the Perseids Meteor shower tonight. The sky will be quite dark where we are so hopefully it will be a good show.



We will stay put for a day or two depending on the weather, which is reported to get a bit rough on Friday. Our next destination will probably be Market Drayton due to the need for services.

Totals 1 Mile 9 Locks

Running total 409 Miles 201 Locks 17 Tunnels

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