Wednesday, 24 June 2015

The Cheshire Cat, Christleton.

It was surprisingly sunny when we set off this morning. Wharton's Lock was already set for us. The mooring above the lock was really peaceful, with a wide grassy towpath, great views towards Beeston Castle, and a picturesque setting with the lock and bridge in the foreground. For these reasons, this mooring is now one of our top five spots so far. We passed the Shady Oak P.H. I am sure we will visit again, and then a little under an hour later we pulled into Tattenhall Marina. The winds were only light so manoeuvring was easy but they did have a helpful windsock to aid with direction.
We kept a lookout for fellow bloggers on nb Amyjo, saw the boat, but did not see the crew. Their blog can be found in my blog list at the side.

Departing Tattenhall, we very soon arrived at the start of the much talked about, two miles of on line moorings, requiring us to reduce speed from a normal very slow, to an almost stop as we travelled along on tickover.
We arrived at Egg Bridge, our planned stopping location but did not fancy it, so on we went eventually finding a spot about 200 yards prior to the Cheshire Cat P.H. We made several attempts to moor finding it extremely shallow along this stretch but eventually we got into the edge, almost. Mooring tyres deployed and pins driven in, this is us now until after the weekend, as we have a wedding to attend. Fingers crossed for good weather.

                                  Not too bad at the front end, but the back requires a leap.

Totals 7 Miles 1 Lock

Running total 289 Miles 134 Locks 11 Tunnels


  1. Hope you have a lovely wedding. Are you carrying on to Ellesmere Port afterwards or turning around?

    1. We are planning to go on to Ellesmere Port to have a look at the waterways museum and possibly Chester Zoo.

  2. Hi Both,
    So very sorry we missed you, unfortunately work really is interfering with our social life at present :-). We have been following your posts and have been eagerly looking out for you. How about stopping over at Tattenhall for a night then we can have a good ole fashioned catch up over a drink or three?