Monday, 22 June 2015


Last night it poured down, and it was still raining when we woke this morning. It was a flip of the coin whether to delay our departure for a day, but the forecast indicated improving conditions. So beneath leaden skies we pulled pins and set off for Beeston. We met a share boat at the nearby services where we both took on water, and thought that they might double up with us in the locks. They finished taking on water and were about 5 minutes ahead of us. By the time we reached the Bunbury Staircase locks they were already descending. They claimed to have waited, likely story.

                                              Bunbury Staircase Locks and stable block.

Nor did they wait down the rest of the flight. Obviously, water conservation was not high on their holiday agenda. After navigating Beeston Iron Lock, which is clad with steel plates due to its bulging sides, we passed close to the West Coast Mainline, complete with old style signal box.

                                             Beeston Castle and Taporley signal box.

Just a mile further on we arrived at Wharton's Lock. Initially we planned to moor below it, but the spot above was more sheltered, so we stopped. To the left we have good views of Beeston Castle, which we will visit tomorrow.

                                                               Beeston Castle.

After securing the boat we had lunch, then in the afternoon, walked to the bridge ahead where the Shady Oak P.H. is located. This is a dog friendly pub, so we stopped for refreshments before returning to the boat. During this time we got a closer look at the hill we have to climb tomorrow. It looks steep.

                                                   Mooring above Wharton's Lock.

We plan on staying here till Wednesday, or possibly Thursday, depending on the weather, and how much rest we need after our mountaineering excursion tomorrow.

Totals 6 Miles 5 Locks

Running total 282 Miles 133 Locks 11 Tunnels


  1. Interested to read your blog from here on because this is not an area that we have been to. Not that we haven't been interested in the rest of it! That looks a nice mooring. Enjoy Your hike to Beeston castle

    1. It is a great spot, probably in my top five so far. The expedition went well blog updated. I even treated myself to a bottle of mead as a reward for our efforts which you can sample on our return, if any is left!!!