Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Market Bosworth

I knew that in previous posts I should not have mentioned anything about not having a problem, with the depth of the Ashby Canal, because today we found the shallow bits. Indeed in certain places, straying so much as one or two feet off the centre line of the canal, would cause the boat to tilt at an alarming angle. We were aiming for the village of Shenton, a mere three miles away. On route we passed Sutton Cheyney Wharf, prior to which, we encountered another interesting speed limit sign. Quite how you measure 1.2 MPH I am not sure.
Speed limit sign
Next we were to pass Ambion Wood, and the supposed site of the Battle of Bosworth where Richard III lost the battle, and his crown to Henry Tudor. Unfortunately for the tourist industry, it appears that what was long believed to be the battle site, is in fact wrong, and that the actual site, has now been located, some two and a half miles to the south. Shenton is home to the Whitemoors antiques centre, and the initial station on the battlefield line, a short steam railway running as far as Shackerstone. The official mooring area looked a bit dank, and outside of that area it was too shallow for us, so we pushed on. A couple of miles further, and we arrived at Market Bosworth. Just passed the new Marina we found a spot, and after a bit of jiggerypokery we got ourselves tied up.
Mooring at Market Bosworth
After lunch, the crew took a walk up the long hill, into the town centre whilst myself and the furry one, did some chores, aka relaxing after a hard days work. Having missed the delights of Shenton, we will probably visit it by steam train, once we reach the top end of the canal. 
  • Totals 6 Miles
  • Running total 75 Miles 19 Locks 3 Tunnels 

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