Sunday, 2 April 2017

Hawkesbury Junction

On Friday 31st march we travelled the final eight miles of the Oxford Canal to Hawkesbury Junction. We secured our usual position and were surprised at how few boats were here. Saturday involved a walk along the Coventry Canal towards the City in search of a shop. It is only five miles from here into the city centre, but judging by the amount of rubbish floating in the canal, you would not want to do it by boat.
In the photo above can be seen the stop lock prior to the junction. This is because the two canals, the Oxford and the Coventry differ in height by a few inches. Beyond the lock is the bridge leading on the Coventry Canal, left for the city and right towards Nuneaton. Today, Sunday we had a roast dinner at the Greyhound Inn. On return to the boat we saw a neighbouring boat drifting across the canal. His mooring pins which were quite short had been pulled out, presumably by a passing boat. We retrieved said boat and secure to the bank before settling down for the afternoon. Tomorrow we will move to the water point just prior to the stop lock and fill up before heading off for the Ashby Canal.
  • Totals 8 Miles
  • Running total 58 Miles 18 Locks 3 Tunnels 

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