Monday, 16 May 2016


Having spent the weekend very close to our winter home, making use of the car to go shopping, and also taking a trip to The Folly at Napton for Sunday lunch, it was time to move on. We had no hard and fast plan today, we would just see how it went. The mooring between bridges 27 and 28 which is a regular spot for us was busy, so on we went. By the time we reached Welford Junction the sun was still warm, so we decided to go along the Welford Arm to the end. We turned right just ahead of another boat heading from the direction of North Kilworth, and entered a shaded leafy overgrown section of canal. Rounding a bend in the canal, we saw a familiar large white and brown dog. It was Winston, closely followed by our friends from nb Cream Cracker, walking towards the junction. This was a pleasant surprise, which became even more pleasant when we arranged to meet later in the garden of the Wharf Inn for afternoon drinks. Close to Welford there must be an airfield with a popular gliding club, as we often see the tug aircraft towing a glider, only to return a few minutes later minus its load, ready for the next one.

                                                      This one is still on its way up.

We will stay here a day or two before returning towards Yelvertoft ahead of the weekend, when the two legged crew is planning to abandon ship for a few days. Me, and the furry crew member have already planned our relaxation schedule.

Totals 9 Miles 1 Lock

Running total 110 Miles 69 Locks 5 Tunnels 

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