Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Long Buckby update

Having arrived in the pound below Buckby Top Lock, we intended to stay put a couple of days due to forecast rain. We have stayed in this pound previously, and the water level does tend to drop during the day, as boats use the flight. This time however, everytime a boat came up the flight draining a lock of water from the pound, we found our boat listing quite severely. During Tuesday I had to run some water down from the top lock 4 or 5 times, just to maintain a reasonable level. Discussing the issue with the volunteer lock keepers the problem has been caused by CRT removing a course of bricks from the bywash, thereby lowering the maximum water level held in the pound. Consequently today we moved. Once through Buckby top lock, the last of the wide locks, it was only a few hundred yards to Norton Junction where we turned left onto the Leicester Line G.U. We moored in our usual spot, and are now well placed for our trip up the Watford flight, and on towards Yelvertoft tomorrow.
Even though we only spent a short time near the canalware shop, it was hard to resist having a look inside. 


We have been looking for a barometer for a while now and this old model caught our eye. Now we just have to find a suitable bracket to mount it in our back cabin.

Totals 400 Yards 1 Lock

Running total 94 Miles 61 Locks 4 Tunnels 

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