Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Welford Junction

Shortly after arriving at Debdale Wharf today, our boat emerged from the grit blasting shed with the hull looking all shiney and new. After some final checks to ensure all the work was complete, and that the gas regulator had been reinstalled safely we were relaunched. 


By the time we had loaded all our stuff from the car it was midday, so we cruised as far as Foxton and stopped for lunch. Checking in with the lock keeper we were fifth in the queue to go up. The ascent was uneventful, but initially I could not understand why there were so many families about. Then it dawned, it was half term week. The crew however, were grateful for the extra assistance in opening and closing the gates. Needless to say, we now have a few scuffs on our newly painted hull, fortunately they are confined to the rubbing strake and that's what it's there for. Once up the flight of ten locks we set off for Welford Junction, approx three hours away. By the time we were approaching Husband Bosworth tunnel, the light was starting to fade. Emerging 20 minutes later, we had to leave all our navigation lights on for the remainder of the journey, as it was now quite dark. At the junction we turned right and found the mooring virtually vacant. We moored on the rings in the dark, at least I could not see our newly acquired scratches. Tomorrow rain is forecast in the morning clearing by lunchtime. If this proves correct, we will set off for Yelvertoft late morning.

Totals 9 Miles 10 Locks 1 Tunnel 

Running total 644 Miles 327 Locks 23 Tunnels 


  1. Hi Paul here, we met on the engine maintenance course and again at Foxton locks, the second meeting was expensive because I have now signed up for the same hull treatment as you! Are you pleased with the end result?
    We also have a blog, but it is neither as frequently updated or informative as yours.

    1. Yes we are very pleased with the result. Only time will tell in the long run though. Will check out your blog. Regards Phil.

  2. Hi Phil,

    Sorry to bother you again. I was wondering whether the inside of your boat needed an extensive clean, from dust mainly, after the zinc treatment, and also whether you had to secure items contained on shelves etc before the boat was lifted from the water. Regards PAul

  3. Only just spotted this request. No, the inside remains clean due to the covering they place over the boat which is then taped up. We did remove stuff from the shelves as a precaution but it was probably not necessary.