Sunday, 18 October 2015


Well we have now been at Foxton for a week, awaiting our appointment at Debdale Wharf Marina. We departed Welford on Friday 9/10 in warm autumn weather. We turned left at the junction, and were soon passing North Kilworth. The new Marina that was being dug the last time we passed, still looks as if it has a long way to go before being finished. Husband Bosworth tunnel was next, at a relatively short 1166 yards. It was then a peaceful hour cruise to our destination near to Laughton Hills, a mile and a half from Foxton top lock.
Saturday 10/10 we descended the Foxton Locks, which are made up of two staircases of five locks each. Being a weekend and fine weather, we had set off early to be down the flight before all the gongoozerlers turned up. Unfortunately our plan was foiled. We had an hour wait at the top whilst four boats came up the flight first. Consequently we were watched, and photographed all the way down. I also found it prudent to keep the boat close to the bottom gates going down due to water flooding over the top gates.


Once through the flight we found our mooring spot by a reed bed just outside the the heavily restricted Foxton mooring zone. We can stay here for a maximum 14 days whilst we wait for our booking at Debdale.
Thursday 15/10 we needed to run the boat to the marina for a pump out and then back to our spot via the water points at the foot of the locks.
During our stay here, two Sunday's have passed meaning two visits to the Foxton Locks Inn for a roast dinner. The three of us have become regulars there, and today Oscar was even treated to his own trimmings from the beef joint, courtesy of the landlady. This pub is very dog friendly. Tomorrow we will get to Debdale Wharf for about 8am, ready for the boat to be lifted out for its zinc treatment.

Friday 9/10 totals 6 Miles 1 Tunnel

Saturday 10/10 totals 2 Miles 10 Locks

Thursday 15/10 totals 2 Miles

Running total 634 Miles 317 Locks 22 Tunnels

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