Thursday, 10 September 2015

Wormleighton update

Not too much to report today. We were facing the wrong direction for Cropredy following our trip to the services, so it meant setting off in search of the next winding hole of 60 feet or more. This morning we finally got the warm sunny weather the Met Office has been forecasting, so a pleasant day's cruise along the summit of the Oxford Canal was on the cards. The nearest winding hole was at Marston Doles some five miles away. Unfortunately, it was for boats upto fifty foot. We therefore had to descend two locks of the Napton flight, and wind in the Old Engine House Arm. This short arm of canal is now used as private moorings. Having winded, it was then back through the two locks and up onto the summit level. It appeared as if the sun was shining on us metaphorically speaking as well. Having ascended Marston Doles Lock, we saw a queue of five or six boats had arrived and were waiting to go down. As we cruised over the next half a mile, another five boats passed us heading towards the lock. I imagine a two to three hour wait was likely for the last boat. We also got logged twice by the Canal and River Trust. Once just above the locks, and again by a different data checker below. The sun has obviously brought all of them out of hiding as well. We arrived back at the spot we had departed five hours previously, and moored up. We are now facing the right way again.
After lunch a few maintenance chores were completed. The heating system had an air lock, so this was bled to remove that problem. The batteries needed a top up with water and an equalisation charge, and the stern greaser needed filling. We will have a rest day tomorrow, then probably stay put over the weekend due to bad weather forecast. We will aim to be in Cropredy by Thursday as the crew is abandoning ship again to visit family.

Totals 10 Miles 4 Locks

Running total 570 Miles 261 Locks 19 Tunnels

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