Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Flecknoe update

Decided against moving today as we are in a nice spot. Following breakfast we walked into Braunston a couple of miles away. After lunch at The Boathouse P.H. our route back took us passed Midland Swindlers also known as the chandlers. We popped in for a look around, you can imagine my surprise that having spent twenty minutes inside we left without spending any money. That's a first. Later back at the boat we picked some blackberries for jam making. As it was our first attempt we only used a pound of fruit. An hour later after sealing said jam in a Kilner jar it hardly seemed worth the effort.


We now have the grand total of three quarters of a jar of jam. Tomorrow we will be aiming for Norton Junction after a brief stop in Braunston to collect some fenders we have ordered at Tradlines.

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