Tuesday, 21 July 2015


Continuing our return journey along the Llangollen Canal, today we travelled as far as Ellesmere. We had to navigate the two New Marton Locks and pass through Frankton Junction. We have decided not to visit the Montgomery Canal this year due to its partial closure. On route we met an increasing number of mainly hire boats, usually at the tightest bridges and bends. Some were ok at steering and some were not, but we were able to avoid any unwanted contact. Having said that we have collected quite a few scrapes to our blacking on this canal. On arrival at Ellesmere we moored in our previous spot a couple of hundred yards from the Ellesmere Arm Junction. We will stay here a day or two, moving into the arm only to visit Tesco when we are departing.

Totals 9 Miles 2 Locks

Running total 365 Miles 163 Locks 16 Tunnels

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