Tuesday, 24 March 2015


Yesterday we set off at 0750 for the bottom of Foxton Locks. Having checked in with the on duty lock keeper, we were given the first slot for ascending the flight. There were 3 boats descending at the same time, so we were held in the centre pound to allow them to pass before continuing. The whole flight took an hour and ten minutes, including the enforced wait. It was however a good opportunity for a cuppa and a few photos.

                       The two crew watching the boats forcing the skipper to make his own tea.

                            A motorised hang-glider with a birdseye view of the proceedings.

On arrival at Welford we moored opposite the small Marina, at the end of the arm close to the Wharf Inn PH.

                                                           Moorings at Welford.

Today we took a 4 mile walk along the towpath, ending up back at the Wharf Inn for lunch. On return to the boat a quick check of the weather tomorrow confirms we should be ok to move off, back to Yelvertoft in the morning. We plan to stop a couple of bridges before the marina, so then we only have a short distance to go on Friday morning.

Totals 8 Miles 11 Locks 1 Tunnel

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