Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Flinthill, Bridge 22 G.U. Leicester Line

Departed Welford this morning with intermittent sun and clouds. The only lock of the day was set against us, but we quickly descended through that and arrived at the junction. This time we turned left, heading towards Norton Junction some 15 miles away. We however, were going to stop before that. The fine weather seems to have brought more boats out of their winter berths, as we passed quite a few today. We met the Canal and River Trust dredging teams near the winding hole at bridge 28, but passed them without delay. They appear to be repairing the bank using metal piling. We continued on a couple of miles more, just prior to bridge 22 where we are stopping for a couple of days. The towpath is wide and grassy, and is South facing so we have sun on us if it pops out, and a clear view of the sky for the satellite dish. We will stay here til Friday, when we are due to return to Yelvertoft Marina for the weekend. Just after settling down with our lunch we heard a loud toot toot. Looking out of the portholes we waved as our neighbours from the marina passed by on their Hudson boat 'At Last'.

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