Saturday, 6 September 2014

Norton Junction

In Yesterday's post I forgot to mention that at the point we entered Braunston we left the Oxford canal and joined the Grand Union Canal. This is a wide canal and means that all the locks will now be double locks with heavy gates and paddles. 
I was also minding my own business with a side hatch open and nearly lost my left ear to this........

We left our mooring at 7 am and used the water point by the gongoozlers rest. For those not in the know this is a floating cafe next to Braunston marina. A gongoozler is someone who likes to watch activity on the canals.
It was here that we found that someone ( me ) had lost/misplaced our hose connector. The lady at the gongoozlers rest was kind enough to lend us hers so we bought some local honey in exchange. We arrived at the bottom lock of the Braunston flight at 8 am and there was another boat just about to start so we doubled up with them. This not only saves water but also shares the workload. It turned out the other boat was also a Hudson.

We carried on up the flight knowing that up ahead was Braunston tunnel. This tunnel is two way traffic for narrowboats and is 2042 yards long so well over a mile. It took us about 30 minutes to get through and we passed 3 other boats on the way.

The Francis light worked well in the tunnel and we even switched on the port and starboard navigation lights to check they were working. Once out of the tunnel it was only a short hop to our mooring location at Norton Junction. This is where the Leicester arm of the Grand Union Canal leaves the mainline which goes onto London.

                   Left turn for Leicester and Market Harborough straight on for London

This afternoon we took Oscar for a walk to a boatyard to try and obtain a hose connector but no luck. So we found The New Inn P.H. at Long Buckby and had a drink instead. Now back on board for a relaxing evening. Sky dish aligned and curry for tea. Tomorrow we stay put as we don't want to over do it and on Monday we have a lock staircase to deal with but that is another story.

Totals 4 Miles 6 Locks 1 Tunnel


  1. who was the other hudson in lock with you

  2. We are enjoying ourselves and we shared the locks with Malaise

  3. ok thanks for that glad your having fun