Monday, 1 September 2014


Today as planned we set off at 7am for the water point. At 8 we had filled the tank and approached the first of the eleven Atherstone locks. The locks appeared all set in our favour and everything was fine. Then it started to rain and it continued to rain all the way to Atherstone top lock. Oh well at least we can say that we are not just fair weather boaters.

                                       Just one of the Atherstone flight of locks

                              Oscar popped out to see what was occurring 

On arrival at Atherstone we moored on the visitor moorings so we could walk into town for some provisions. We found a large co-op which was good enough for what we needed then returned to the boat. The VM's were quite busy and we did not intend staying in Atherstone so as we departed another boat was ready to slot into the gap we left.
We continued on passing the old British Waterways yard at Hartshill and were thinking of stopping near to the Anchor P.H. by bridge 29. There were a long line of boats moored here so on we went and found a nice rural mooring just past Springhaven marina.

                             Our overnight mooring just beyond bridge 27

Not sure what the plan is for tomorrow yet maybe head towards Hawksbury Junction (Junction of the Coventry canal that we are on and the Oxford Canal which we are going to join) or stay here for an extra day. Either way hopefully we will see the promised sunshine tomorrow.

Totals 6 Miles 11 Locks

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