Monday, 19 May 2014

Crick bound

Well we are nearly there. The whole process for the build has taken 15 months so far. On Friday we took a trip to Tamworth to take a peek at Achernar before she sets sail ( if that the correct terminology ) for the boat show at Crick. Achernar was in the dry dock being re blacked and the sign writer/artist was busy painting the roses and castles to the internal doors. Achernar is due to depart Glascote Basin on Wednesday morning along with two other boats from Hudson Boatbuilders. As the final preparations were being made the inside was still partially covered and full of tools and other bits and bobs. It will be great to see it at the show all clean and polished. Here are some photos.

                      You can just see the brass mount for the Francis searchlight.

                            The TV cabinet will contain a 27" LG smart television.       
                                   Candy gas oven and a Bosch gas hob above

                                          Engine and bow thruster controls

             Panasonic HIT 240 watt solar panel. Still plenty of room to walk on the roof

                                        Starboard navigation light for river use

                 Rear navigation light just above the fenders. Rear doors still awaiting 
                                                    castles in the top panel.

                                          Full length view of Achernar in dry dock

So now we wait until Saturday. We are spending two days at Crick and no doubt will be shopping for various bits for the boat. At the conclusion of the show Achernar will return to Tamworth to be completed with Karndean flooring and initial engine service prior to handover. Our plan is to stay at Glascote Basin for the Hudson open weekend at the end of July and then commence our initial cruise mid August.


  1. wow can't wait until sat now lovely boat ,you must be so pleased

  2. Thank you both for your comments. Yes we are very happy with how the boat has turned out. We are really looking forward to using it.

  3. will she go by lorry all canal ?

  4. Replies
    1. ok we watch the branuston webcam wondering if we could spot her