Monday, 26 May 2014

Crick 2014

Well the boatshow finally arrived and lived up to its reputation with regards to the weather. We arrived at 10am on the Saturday and the rain as forecast was quickly turning the carpark field into a mud bath. So raincoats and wellies were donned and we quickly made our way to the Hudson area. We wanted to be one of the first to view her clear of tools and protective coverings. We were not disappointed. Achernar was centre stage of the Hudson trio and attention was drawn immediately to the gleaming Francis searchlight. Martin who was taking care of Achernar kindly closed the doors to allow a period of private viewing before the public were granted access.
We then hit the stalls with our shopping list. Items required included an ecofan,satellite dish,porta potti (for emergency use only),rotary washing line and some floor matting for the well deck.

Here are some photos

                                         Achernar with Martin standing guard

                            Area around the marina taken on Sunday (hence the sunshine)

                                      View across the marina towards the Braidbar boat

                           View of the galley. Washing machine in right hand cupboard.

                      Cabinet with tv installed. Cast iron radiator to the right.

                 Solid fuel stove on a granite hearth. Muddy boots waiting to view inside

              Water pump,accumulator and water purifier beneath the sink area.

                        Oven,hob and Avonite worktop with glass tile splash back.

                   Shower room with 800 x 800 shower,sanimarin macerator toilet.

                                    Rear doors now complete with castles.

                             Viewing across the marina from the working boats.

We departed the show on Saturday about 15 minutes before a horrendous hail storm and were back at the Ibis hotel. Saturday must of been hard work for the exhibitors because the water and mud got everywhere. Sunday dawned and what a difference. Warm sunshine and a nice breeze. All the photos above were taken on the Sunday. During the day sitting in the area of the food stalls we met some friendly people who moor at Crick. We enjoyed chatting as Achernar will moor at Yelvertoft on the rare occasions we are not out cruising.
We kept an eye out for some other bloggers but did not see any to talk to. Oh well there will be plenty of opportunity soon out on the cut.
So now Achernar will return to Tamworth departing Crick on tuesday morning. She will then have her permanent flooring (Karndean) laid and a few final tweeks made before being handed over to us. 


  1. it was a stunning boat like all hudson boats are , hoping to come to the open day .

  2. We will be there so hope to see you then

  3. ok that a be good see you there then .

  4. Hi both, we did pop over to see you but you must have been looking around the show. We did ask the chap on Achernar to let you know we were about but he probably never gave you the information. So sorry we missed you but as you will only be up the road from Crick perhaps we can catch up before we move AmyJo to the Shroppy.
    Achernar looks fantastic. Hudson do so make lovely boats

  5. Sorry we missed you. We will hopefully be cruising on the Shroppie in Oct. Look forward to seeing you out and about.

    1. In that case do let us know when you are up this way and perhaps we can have moor together for a get together.

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