Sunday, 25 March 2018

Hemplow Hills

This morning we felt cheated. Waking at 9 am when really it was 8 am, meant we had missed out on an hour of sleep. The weather however made up for this, as the sun was bright and the sky clear blue. After the furry crew had been on his morning walk, we wandered off back towards the Wharf Inn for Sunday lunch. Today it was roast pheasant, followed by treacle tart and ice cream. Returning to the boat we got ourselves ready to get underway, it was 1.45 pm. Today we were aiming for a spot somewhere between bridges 36 and 32, roughly four miles away. We navigated through the lock and along the Welford arm, turning left at the Junction. The canal was surprisingly quiet, especially as today was the warmest day this year so far. We found our spot midway between bridge 34 and 33. The towpath is wide, flat and grassy, we have a 4g phone signal and satellite reception, perfect. This will be added to our list of favoured locations, and from the picture below you can probably see why.
Mooring Hemplow Hills
Having secured the boat, the weather was so fine the starboard side got a wash. Unfortunately, our stay here this time will be brief, as we have Easter activities to look forward to.
  • Totals 4 Miles 1 Lock
  • Running total 13 Miles 2 Locks


  1. Glad to see you underway again,let's hope it's a better summer. We'll be heading south to the K&A at the end of April. We've had to temporarily take down the blog, but you can find us on Facebook.

    1. Will look forward to reading about your trip on the K&A as we will probably do that next year. Hope you get the blog fixed as we don't have facebook.

  2. It's good to see you two get off to a good start! Have fun! Unfortunately, we're not going to be back on Kantara until the middle of April. After that, we just might start travelling! We look forward to following your adventures.