Monday, 2 October 2017

Hawkesbury Junction

Today was a blustery day. We set off from our mooring spot at Dadlington just after breakfast, and settled into our journey. Ahead of us lay three canals, the remainder of the Ashby, a short stretch of the Coventry and an even shorter bit of the Oxford. The trip down the Ashby was uneventful, but we did meet several oncoming boats. At Marston Junction we turned sharp left onto the Coventry Canal, and gained some wind assistance on the bow during the turn. Once on the Coventry, it was immediately evident that the water was deeper as we travelled the two and a half miles to Hawkesbury Junction. Once again we had a sharp left turn onto the Oxford Canal, and once again the direction of the wind assisted the turn. We passed through the stop lock rising a grand total of about nine inches, and took up a mooring adjacent to a grass field. Later we walked back to the Greyhound P.H. for supper leaving four legs to look after the boat.
Our fearsome guard dog
  • Totals 12 Miles
  • Running total 204 Miles 42 Locks 9 Tunnels 

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