Saturday, 12 August 2017

Stoke Golding

Yesterday we had a more leisurely start, moving forward to the water point at the BW yard Hartshill at 9.30 am, and finishing breakfast whilst waiting for the tank to fill. By 10 we were underway, with just Nuneaton to pass through before reaching the rural splendour of the Ashby Canal. At Marston Junction with a blast on the klaxon, we turned left and navigated our way through a small narrow trough. Almost as soon as you leave the Coventry Canal behind it feels different. Our target for the day was three miles away, adjacent to the village of Burton Hastings. On arrival we found several boats already moored in the location, however we were able to find a spot, on the end of the line of boats.
Today started gloomy but soon brightened up. Our first stop was to be the water point at Lime Kilns two miles away. A boat was just finishing as we arrived. Next was our passage through Hinckley, which gave us the opportunity to check out Trinity Marina as we passed. We encountered a few boats on route, but it is not as busy as you would expect at this time of year. Back into open countryside with sun shining, and chugging along at a slow walking pace, what could be better.
Rural Leicestershire in the sunshine
Just under three miles and an hour later, we arrived on the outskirts of Stoke Golding. When we were here in March it was a popular spot, so we were pleasantly surprised to find only one other boat moored. After securing the boat we had lunch onboard, then later we walked back to bridge 23, to visit the canal side farm shop for supplies.
Mooring at Stoke Golding    
Side hatch view to 13th C church    
Side hatch view to bridge 26
  • Totals Friday 11/8.     8 Miles
  •           Saturday 12/8. 6 Miles
  • Running total 137 Miles 41 Locks 5 Tunnels 

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