Friday, 17 March 2017

Welford Junction

Today after filling with water and pumping out the black tank, we finally departed the Marina following our winter confinement. The early signs of the sun soon disappeared as the sky clouded over, and the wind was decidedly chilly. Turning right from the Marina we headed north towards Welford. This was going to be the first opportunity to see how the axiom propeller performed. Despite being cold it was not long till we met an oncoming boat at a bridge hole. A quick burst of reverse throttle and the boat came to a complete stop. It also maintained a dead straight line. It appears as if the prop works as it should. We carried on passing beneath the A14 and a little more than three hours after setting off we arrived at Welford Junction. There was only one other boat moored here so we had plenty of room to choose our spot. We quickly secured the boat and lined up the satellite dish, doing so just before the rain arrived. Tomorrow we plan to turn right at the junction and travel the short canal arm to Welford and the Wharf Inn.   
  • Totals 8 Miles
  • Running total 14 Miles

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