Tuesday, 11 October 2016


Today the crew rejoin the boat, and shortly after lunch with our business at Glascote Basin complete, we made our way towards the cut. Under the bridge turning left towards Coventry the sun was shining, but there is the distinct feel of autumn in the air. After a few miles we reached the village of Polesworth and our chosen mooring spot was not much further. We opted for a short easy day today in preparation of the 11 locks at Atherstone we will face tomorrow.
Mooring at Polesworth.
Whilst at Glascote with the benefit of being able to moor against the side of the dock, bother sides of the boat have received there biannual wash and wax. The solid fuel stove was also lit to burn off any stove polish residue in readiness for its winter usage. We are aiming for Yelvertoft on Sunday so a couple of long days (for us) are on the cards.
  • Totals 5 Miles
  • Running total 378 Miles 216 Locks 14 Tunnels 

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