Sunday, 14 December 2014

More Marina Life

Saturday was a glorious day. Crisp and bright, just the weather for walk into Crick to refresh the supply cupboard. On peering out of the porthole I could see that it must have got fairly cold overnight as the picture shows.

In case it is not clear the ice, fortunately is the water in the marina and not on the inside of the glass. As I set off for Crick the ground underfoot and the canal were both frozen, but the warmth from the sun soon meant I was removing gloves and undoing my jacket. I had wrapped up a bit too much.

The sky remained crystal clear all day and into the night which bode well for the observing of the Geminids meteor shower which was due to reach its maximum at 0200. I went outside at 2300 with Oscar to have a peak and we spent a chilly 15 minutes watching the shooting stars, roughly one a minute. The area around the marina is quite dark so it is good for stargazing, even with the seasonal light pollution.

The above photos were taken on an iPhone within moments of each other but with different exposure settings.

Finally an update on the progress of the dehumidifier. So far it has taken about ten pints of water out of the air on the boat. So it is definitely doing a good job. Today, Sunday, the Christmas decorations are going up. I won't however be competing with some of the more established marina inhabitants.

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