Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Stormy at Foxton

We arrived at Foxton Locks yesterday afternoon and have moored in 'the Foxton mooring zone'. This area is I believe strictly time controlled, due to it being a popular tourist attraction. The area we are in restricts us to two days, and we could only stay a max of 14 days in the whole zone in any one month. After securing the boat for the impending arrival of hurricane Gonzalo, we went for a walk descending the lock flight. At the bottom is the junction where we carried on walking in the direction of Leicester. The wind started to pick up, especially when we reached open countryside and the clouds were begining to darken. The decision was made to return to the boat before we got a soaking. Most afternoons now the stove is lit, so we are nice and toasty by the evening. 
Today we went for Tuesday lunch at the Foxton Locks Inn. This is a very dog friendly pub and even has free treats for dogs when the owners have lunch. 

We have not yet decided whether to spend a further full day here or to depart tomorrow. We shall have to check the weather reports as I don't fancy moving with the winds gusting as much as they are currently.


  1. I guessed you have moved on as when I walked up today with Fletcher and Floyd you were nowhere to be seen. I thought to come and say hello, another time perhaps..