Sunday, 17 February 2013

Final design meeting

Saturday 16th February

Following the phone call from our boat builder during our week long cruise we visited Steve Hudson at his boatyard at Glascote basin in Tamworth. This was to be our final design meeting prior to the build commencing. We were pleased that except for some minor alterations in the positioning of some appliances in the galley everything was in order. Steve told us that the build will begin at the end of March.
Needless to say we are both thrilled that the next stage of the process is about to start and that all our requirements have been achieved in budget.


  1. Great blog so far, we will be following with interest. Show plenty of pics of the inside - i love getting ideas from other people's boats for when we're having work done!

    Take care and good luck with everything - you must be really excited after being patient for so long

    Lewis & Pawel

  2. All the very best with the build. It is an exciting time and we were fortunate to see our boat built from the base plate up. Lots of photographs were taken and we found the whole process amazing. I hope you also have a wonderful experience. Look forward to following your progress.

    Jo & Keith.

    1. Thanks guys
      Quite new to this blogging so glad you have enjoyed it so far.